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    Looking for a good paleto bay mechanic mlos.
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    ESX Will send a lot of credits.

    So basically when i set a job for myself it doesnt change, but if i restart the game it does? any ideas how to solve that? for whoever helps me ill send 50credits
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    ESX okokBank

    Fixed it.
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    ESX okokBank

    So im getting these 2 errors, if anyone could help me out, ill send credits. Server callback "okokBanking:GetPIN" does not exist. Server callback "okokBanking:GetPlayerInfo"
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    ESX nokta_hud ESX

    If someone links me for nokta_hud ill give u 50credits, it has to be ESX working one tho.
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    QBUS nokta-hud

    fake, not qb
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    QBUS Script Pack - OKOK

    not working
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    not working :)
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    How to recieve credits?

    We appreciate the information. <3