How to recieve credits?


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Our Credit System works as followed:
  1. New Thread: 1 credit
  2. Every reply in the fivem section is 0.5 credits, so 2 posts is 1 credit which you will eventual see counting in your profile.
    Spamming is a negative credit balance according to your spam-ratio.

    Credits are only given in the Leaks section, anypost in this topic or in anything other then Leaks will not benefit you any credits.

How to get credits in a new thread ?
  • You recieve the amount you ask for each resource you share in a Thread within a as followed:
    -=Stripped Content=-
VIP (+) Packages come with credits, and daily credits. Pay once, enjoy forever!​
Payment methods: Ideal, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paypal​

Spamming results in a mute and warning, there is also a credit reducement that can be a optional penalty!
Read the rules:

The value of credits is fluctuating, and therefor always keep an eye out for this page every now and then

Last edit: 25/01/2021
I purchased some credits but I have not received them in my account ?


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