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everything on this server is free absolutely everything, from the time its on this server it means its free because its leaked. dont blame or get mad at people for trying to make credits to buy other stuff on the server. the credits is not real money, you cant go buy in your city for it. everyone gets free credit just for posting stuff so dont get mad like its real money being spent here, support me.

People like us usually get those links first, test it out, and if we feel its something good then we post it for little to no creds so we ourselves can go and buy from someone else doing the same thing.

we took the time out to look all over the net for these scripts so YOU dont have to. if you find the link for free then kudos to you keep it to yourselves or post it yourself.

me and one other guy was the first to have this link up. you just came by your said free link. i got mine the day it was released. stop shit posting because your a sad kid who doesnt get much love and attention, believe me this is as much love and attention you're gonna get from me, maybe anyone for that matter. goodbye.